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Butternut growing high yield butternut returns kenya

  • Butternut Production tips - AGROVET

    Butternut is more tolerant to high temperatures, thereby making it adaptable to low lying areas. It, therefore, can be grown in areas which are hot enough such as places where water melons can grow well. The temperature ranges for optimum production are 18-21 oC at night and below 29 oC during the day. This restricts production to the summer months

  • 8 Profitable farming ventures on just ¼ acre of land in Kenya.

    Jul 14, 2016· The local market demand is also quite high. They are consumed fresh or the pulp is used for making juice and other products e.g. yoghurt. There are two popular types in Kenya; the purple variety which grows in high altitudes and the yellow variety which has higher yields and is disease resistant. A ¼ acre can grow about 350 passion plants or more.

  • Early Butternut, (F1) Squash Seeds Urban Farmer

    Learning Download: How to Grow Squash. Squash is a very versatile plant to grow, with many different options for the home garden. Squash is an easy plant with high yields and comes in many different varietals. Winter squashes such as acorn, delicata and butternut can be used in dishes or even for decoration as a centerpiece of a table.

  • Butternut squash varieties recommended journalpatriot

    May 23, 2021· Ashe County Cooperative Extension Director Travis Birdsell, an expert on butternut squash, recommended planting varieties that yield fruit weighing 1 ½ to 2 pounds.

  • Squash production guideline

    Butternut (Cucurbit moschata) is an important summer crop grown by smallholder irrigation farmers in South Africa and is a type of winter squash. Butternut squashes are increasing in popularity because production and keeping quality are good and sunburn is not a major problem. The harvested fruit is hardy and can be left on the

  • Butternut Squash Diseases - Vegetable Gardening

    Most butternut squash diseases can be avoided by choosing disease resistance varieties and by controlling pests and keeping the garden clean and weeded. They can also be controlled with soap sprays or fungicides that are usually available at most garden centers.

  • Butternuts: What you need to know about them - Tell

    Feb 19, 2019· Yield per plant ranges from 8 to 10 fruits which may translate about 25tons to 35 tons per hectare. A kilogram of butternut costs between $2 and $2.50. This means for every tonne we get $2 000.00 to $2 500.00. Let venture into butternut farming and can be


    as an aid when making decisions about growing the crop. and is frequently not economical to produce, unless particularly high prices are realised. The likely yield The "likely" yield is that achieved from the majority of plantings by the average grower. Butternut 12 15 - 18 25 - 30 Cabbage 30 50 80 - 90 Carrot, large 20 30 40

  • South African butternut trader benefits from early end to

    Jan 24, 2020· New Papaya variety results in higher yield Its not easy to grow export butternuts Butternut production in the Cape averages between 40 to 50 tonnes/ha. We select as close to

  • Butternut Farming in Kenya- Growing Pumpkins Made Easier

    Feb 12, 2018· The butternut yield per acre is a great motivation for farmers. The fact that farmers stand to get more than five tones in an acre within just three months is something that farmers are willing to do. The fact that there are more butternut buyers in Kenya today serves as more motivation.

  • Final Report for FS16-291 SARE Grant Management System

    Dec 31, 2017· We were looking for plants that had high ratings in all or most of these categories, plus butternut shape. Based on field evaluations of yield and DM resistance, we identified 44 plants out of 108 to test for eating quality (using brix and dry matter tests).

  • Bush Types of Butternut Squash Home Guides SF Gate

    Bush Types of Butternut Squash . Usual growth habit of winter squashes, including butternut squash (Curcurbita moschata), is for vining plants that can take up lots of growing space. Gardeners

  • How I made Sh. 4.8 million from garlic farming in Kenya in

    Mar 11, 2021· Garlic from Kieni area, he says, is preferred by most local consumers for its high quality compared to those imported, which have a shorter shelf-life. To enhance his output and meet the demand, Mr Githaiga now plans to expand his acreage to 32 acres and employ more workers. SGR faces collapse over Sh. 38 billion operation debt

  • How to Get My Squash Vines to Produce More Vegetables

    2. Provide the plants with about 1 inch of water weekly, or enough so the top 6 inches of soil remains evenly moist. Drought-stressed squash will drop flowers and fail to produce.

  • Kenya Butternut Suppliers & Exporters

    Butternut is a warm season and annual plant which requires temperature of about 18 -24Cfor growth, well drained soils with high level of organic matter. A ph of around 6.0 to 6.5 are important. They require full sunshine at least 6 hours a day; they can be grown together with corn, onion, eggplant but not potatoes. Kenya Butternut varieties

  • Harvest 17 tonnes per acre of carrot in just 100 days with

    Nov 08, 2016· The average yield per acre for this variety is almost double the countrys average yield of 10 tonnes. Growing conditions. Unlike other varieties that requires well drained sandy or silt soils, Nantes hybrid requires slightly less water. It requires slightly high PH

  • Watering and Fertilizing Butternut Squash

    It's important to begin watering and fertilizing butternut squash plants when the seedlings are a few inches tall. These steps will help your plants to produce lots of high quality squash later in the growing season. Watering Butternut Squash Plants. You want your squash plants to get large enough to produce and support several nice size squash.

  • Top 10 Crop With Highest PROFIT Per Acre in Kenya

    Dec 10, 2018· Garlic also has a high profit per acre return seeing a quarter of an acre can yield well over 2.5 tons. One kilogram of garlic goes for roughly two hundred shillings and there is demand both locally and internationally. With such high returns, garlic cultivation is arguably the most profitable farming business in Kenya.

  • Producing butternuts: Spacing, yield, diseases

    Oct 04, 2013· In warm areas, butternut can be grown through winter to be harvested in spring. But this will result in smaller fruit with a stumpy shape that will fetch lower prices. Yield will also be lower.

  • Butternut - sowing, planting and harvesting butternut gourd

    Butternut gourd, also called simply butternut, is one of the most popular squash varieties.. Basic Butternut facts. Name Cucurbita moschata Family Cucurbitaceae or gourd family Type vegetable. Height 8 to 20 inches (20 to 50 cm) Exposure full sun Soil rich and well drained. Harvest September to December. From seed to harvest, here is everything you need to know to

  • Butternut - Vegetable Farming South Africa

    Butternut is a warm climate plant, so plantings are concentrated over the spring and early summer months. In South Africa this is from August to December. The plant is extremely sensitive to frost and long periods of temperatures below 4°C can kill the plants.

  • 10 Most Profitable Specialty Crops to Grow - Profitable

    Mar 03, 2019· Growing specialty crops is the perfect way to turn your gardening skills and knowledge into extra income. Unlike commonly grown crops like grain and vegetables, specialty crops are not widely grown and bring higher prices for growers. Its not unusual to find growers earning as much as $60,000 per acre with these unique cash crops.

  • Producing butternuts: Spacing, yield, diseases

    Oct 04, 2013· In warm areas, butternut can be grown through winter to be harvested in spring. But this will result in smaller fruit with a stumpy shape that will fetch lower prices. Yield will also be lower. If you farm in a relatively warm area, rather plant the butternut sooner, and harvest the crop early in winter it will be full size and the right shape.

  • Butternut Squash Growing Tips and 4 Ways to Trellis It

    Jun 27, 2019· Hang out with me in the garden on todays coffee walk as I share butternut squash growing tips and 4 ways to trellis it.MY BOOK: Organic Gardening for Everyo


    1. Varieties suitable for growing in Kenya 2. Areas suitable for strawberry growing 3. Capital investment &Returns per acre 4. Marketing and market survey 5. Planting strawberry and farm layout 6. Use of rooting Hormone 7. Pest /diseases and their control 8. Post planting orchard management 9. Post harvest fruit treatment 10. Strawberry seed

  • How to grow BUTTERNUT SQUASH in Uganda

    Contact us here to buy fresh butternut Squash and butternut Squash Seeds in Uganda Soil requirements for growing Butternut squash Best results are obtained on well drained fertile soils, with high organic matter and a pH range of 6.0 to 7.5.

  • Enza Zaden introduces two butternut varieties developed

    Aug 17, 2020· The South African butternut market is in a strong phase, bolstered by increasing export opportunities. Johan Stassen, area manager for the greater

  • Butternut Squash Seeds Urban Farmer

    The Baker's Choice Marbled F1 Squash is a butternut winter squash variety that has a long round to oval and bulbous shape. This squash has a high sugar content, making it one of the best tasting squashes around! This uniquely shaped winter squash is a must grow for both home and market growers.

  • Pumpkin production

    growth may be affected if levels are too high. The recommended threshold to avoid yield loss is when the conductivity of the irrigation water reaches 1.0 dS/m. When levels increase to 2.5 dS/m, a yield loss of 20 to 30% may be expected. These values are a guide only and vary with soil type, leaching potential, irrigation method and age of plant.

  • The Effect of Butternut Squash (Cucurbita moschata) on the

    Abstract: Butternut squash is an emerging economic crop in Kenya with ready market and high nutritional value. It was introduced to promote food security and enhance the incomes of the small-holder farmers in Suba district. However it is not clear whether butternut could address the problem of low income among small-holder farmers.

  • The ABCD of growing Butternut squash - Farmers Trend Kenya

    Sep 22, 2016· Its origins and health benefits aside, Butternut Squash farming requires farmers to understand the climate where the crop does well, and the soils well suited for growing it. (Expert advice states that butternut squash grows well in well-drained and fertile soils) Additionally, the crop needs about six hours of sunlight daily.

  • A Baringo farmer is earning abundantly from butternuts

    Feb 12, 2019· Butternut has a pale brown-orange skin and a deep, orange flesh. The wonderfully moist flesh squash has a sweet, nutty flavor and a slightly fibrous firm texture. He avers that he ventured into butternuts farming after burning his fingers in cultivating tomatoes and watermelons due to their high level of perishability.

  • Waldo PMR - Organic (F1) Butternut Squash Seed Johnny's

    Better than similar market hybrids. Great, marketable sizein between JWS 6823 and Waltham Butternutlarge enough for a few servings, but not so big it goes to waste. A smaller, improved Waltham: more uniform and attractive without the oversized fruits. Vigorous plants and strong PMR ensure crops reach maturity under high disease pressure.

  • Best Fertilizer For Butternut Squash Cromalinsupport

    The butternut squash growing season begins when all danger of frost is past and the soil is well warmed by the sun, about 60 to 65 F. Each butternut squash plant will produce several large squash , so you wont likely need more than 3 or 4 plants. Jun 10, 2019 The easiest way to grow butternut squash is to purchase some seeds.

  • Squash Farming Information Guide Agri Farming

    Apr 07, 2018· The optimum monthly average temperature for good quality and yield of squash is 22 °C to 29 °C. Squash seeds germinate best at 28°C to 32°C. Squash seeds germinate best at 28°C to 32°C. Planting/ sowing of squash is recommended when the soil temperatures are high enough to germinate the seeds and last frost season is passed.

  • Butternut Production: requirements, growing, diseases

    Apr 20, 2015· Harvesting is done when butternut is about 15cm length. Avoid the butternut ripening on the plant as this prevents new flowers from development. Yields can be 10kg per m2. The harvested crop can store up to 3 months in a clean well ventilated room. For any comments, please call 0773905305 or email [email protected]

  • With N70,000, youll become successful butternut squash

    Nov 20, 2017· Stories by Steve Agbota ( [email protected] 08033302331 ) Butternut squash belongs to the Curcubita or gourd family of fruits, whose members typically are high in essential nutrients.

  • An Ode to Butternut Squash ~ Grow Appalachia

    Sep 30, 2017· Peel and cube a butternut squash (or two) Toss butternut squash with olive oil and garlic in a large bowl. Season with salt and black pepper. Arrange coated squash on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Roast in the preheated oven until squash is tender and lightly browned, about 25 to 30 minutes. Roasted Butternut Squash (sweet)

  • Why we bank on butternuts - Drotskie brothers Farmer's

    Jul 01, 2016· Growing butternut is labour-intensive: the crop is harvested by hand. Average yield varies from 25t/ ha to 28t/ ha on open pollinated plants, but new varieties planted in winter to be harvested in summer can yield 50t/ ha to 60t/ ha.

  • Magical Morphing Butternut Squash - The New York Times

    Nov 24, 2004· Increase heat to medium-high, add 10 cups water, 4 ounces of the dried squash (freeze remaining for another time), bay leaf, salt and peppercorns. Simmer, uncovered, over very low

  • Butter Nut Farming In Kenya FarmLINK Kenya

    Feb 03, 2018· Dig holes 30cm wide at a spacing of 1m by 1m, add 10kg of well decomposed organic manure inside the holes and mix thoroughly with the soil. Plant one seed per hole at the onset of rains or grow under irrigation.

  • Butternut Seedlings Challenges - Hishtil SA

    Butternut Seedlings Beating the Challenges Related to Growing from Seeds Butternut crops produce superb returns. If the correct growing practices are followed, it is possible to get between 30 and 35 t per hectare, though the average yield is between 24 and 29 t per hectare. A comprehensive soil analysis is a good place to start.

  • Titan Butternut Squash Seeds (Prices From) For the Farmer

    OUTSTANDING QUALITIES LARGE, UNIFORM FRUIT STRONG PLANTS VERY GOOD YIELD POTENTIAL VERY SMALL SEED CAVITY Titan F1 hybrid is a Cucurbita moschata type butternut that is widely adapted for all growing regions. It has very strong plants and the overall vigour of this variety tends to make it less susceptible to diseases.

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